Don't buy stuff from Chuwi

The images speak by themselves.
Chuwi Aerobook 13 after a few months of normal use, never fell.
Obviously no support from Chuwi, they kept telling me that they would have helped me but that never happened.
Totally wasted my money. Guys, do not buy from this brand.

P.S. the screws and plastic pieces were found inside the laptop flying around and probably shorting components on the motherboard.

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In all brands there are problems, even in premium ones like Apple or Microsoft. The problem you have had with the hinges has already been reported in the day and Chuwi’s customer service has been responding.
I do not know if you have contacted but if you did not, I invite you to do so.
Although this is a case failure, it has not occurred widely. I have a 2-year-old AeroBook and the hinges work perfectly.
Disadvising the purchase of the device is his opinion, but as I say, Chuwi has sold thousands of AeroBooks that have not presented any problem in that regard.
Hope you can get help from customer service

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I agree with manonegra222 but i have more thing to add.

I hope those comment would help any one to understand the problem.
Excuse my english i am a french person sometime i do not use proper word and my corrector is french.

But i could tell what could be the source of this problem which is almost impossible as you mention.

I do service on computer and the problem you are reporting could happen in specific situation.

1- please dont think everyone anought stupid to believe what you says unless if you have no brain to understand what you reporting as a desing faillure.
2-those parts inside your laptop suppose you found could not happen naturally
3- the only way to belie you is someone open the laptop and has unscrew the hinge externally then the screw were outside the cabinet which were normally screw to the case botton with black plastic around if as opening often it could unmolded from the case if the hinge was so stiff or hard to open then it broke . This is the first reason it could broke.
4 -an other reason it could broke if they is only 1 screw ( on each side) holding the base back panel throught the hinge swivel and if the hinge is to much stiff to open , then the screw holding the internal hinge could broke from the base back panel by opening the screen .
5 - looking at your photos the screw holder has no screw on it it mean some one remove the screw and the part should not be broke.
6- also you should show u the picture of the base panel where those part came from
7- i know this problem because it happen to me one time and the manufacturer is not to you should blame yourself or the one who open your compute and also the first person to blame is " THE TECHNITIAN OR ENGINEER WHO DESING THE CABINET AND THE MOTHERBOARD BECAUSE THEY WERE NO AWARE THAT IF SOMEONE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE SERVICE MANUAL OF THE LAPTOP WOULD NOT KNOW THE SPECIAL WAY TO OPEN THE LAPTOP FOR SERVICING."
8- As engineer i think they done this to sale more computer because you will said this is scrap.

I am an engineer myself and I know how computer and hinges work. The device was already broken before even opening it, I wrote to Chuwi service to report the problem and they didn’t help me at all. I can show you pictures of the computer with the hinge wide open and broken and still the sealed sticker on the back case.
I did open it now after 2 months of useless chatting with Chuwi service to try and repair it myself. The screws fell out by themselves, they are attached to stupid cheap plastic bolts and they break apart, detaching all the screws and filling the motherboard with screws and plastic pieces. I can tell you that this product is built pretty bad, you cannot attach a hinge with that much strength on it to a 1mm plastic bolt. Infact it broke after 4 months of super normal use (I am very careful with devices anyway).

I had a teclast and a onda laptop for many years and they still work perfectly, and they were even cheaper than this bullshit laptop.
I know that it can happen to any manufacturer, but if it happens after 4 months you give me a free replacement or a full refund, they told me that they were going to give me 100$ for the repair, and they didn’t even give me those after 2 months of emailing.
Disgusting customer service, 500$ thrown away in a few months.

Pour claudet, je ne suis pas stupide.


I believe that this forum should serve as support to solve problems and not to generate controversy. This has been my maxim for many years and, in my long professional life, I have always preferred to solve the problems that arise instead of seeking responsible parties.
I do not know if your AeroBook is operational (it works) even if its casing is broken. If so, I understand that with a change of said housing the problem could be solved.
Would you be able to carry out the casing change operation?
Please respond and I will try, within my limited means, to contact a person in charge in China.

a greeting

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The laptop still works, the back metal case is in perfect condition, the part that broke is the plastic top, where the keyboard sits, because the screws can’t stay on it anymore. The keyboard seems ok, and the battery too. The hinge is a bit bent but it still works. I can carry out the change.
If you can help me with that part I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Parlez vous francais




Non, juste un peu, mais je comprends

Ok moi g commenter votre courriel seulement considérant les faits vu sur les photos (sauf qu’il en manquait une celle de l’interieur de la base)

Considérez vous que mes commentaires sont pertinents.

Alors je vais vous faire une analyse des résultats montrés sur les photos.

Si vous aviez ce laptop depuis 3 mois il devais y avoir du bruits concernant ces pieces !

Si il n`y avait pas de bruits c’est que ces pieces supposement cassées étaient couverte par les pentures et les vis encore en places??

Si les vis ne faisaient pas le travail en ouvrant le couvercle la base du boitier se deformait en même temps pendant ce 3 mois.

Je ne sais pas votre experinces en reparation ou de démontage de laptop vous devez savoir que sous la base ces vis ne sont pas apparantes car elles sont cachées sous des pate ou collants en caoutchouc antiderappant. Alors pour voir et comprendre les dégâts la ou les vis ont été enlevés .

Alors afficher la photos de la base .






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Hé bin gens du pays, allo. Pas mal sur la meme longueur d’ondes, aussi, étant donné le moment de lannée, un laptop gelé dans une voiture ou dehors, en attendant l’autobus, pourrait avoir brisé comme ca en tentant de l’ouvrir avant qu’il dégele, aussi, je remarque des torsions dans le matériel. Avec un titre comme ce poste a, des photos des 4 points cardinal serait de mise. Il y a un flanc qu’on ne voit pas sur aucune photo.
Bonne soirée.

Peace of CRAP! I brought in august 2020,brand new Chuwi Lapbook pro from official site on Ebay,3 weeks after slightly usage,my charger was down by broken usb C male port…(more than one month my CHUWI was lay on table as a brick!)
month after I was able to get from CHUWI another charger which is actually working by now…but in 3 month after battery cannot hold the power anymore!!! This real peace of junk! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

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Hello everyone.
A week ago I bought a GemiBook seeing the good comments it had on AliExpress.
Unfortunately the screen has a defect, bleeding at the bottom. You are very careful because it cannot be returned …
This type of failure is not considered a reason for return on Aliexpress. The seller did not accept returns or product exchanges.
I honestly did not expect it from the Aliexpress part to do these things. It looks like a wheel of luck … if you get the good or the bad.
Be careful and you already know, buy on Amazon!
All the best!

in my opinion, AliExpress have showed themself to be very inneficient and unable to keep up with a simple conversation. They play dumb. For my Chuwi products, i buy directly from Chuwi. I had a problem and they fixed it and start proceeding with right off the bat. The so called official chuwi store on AliExpress are sadly giving Chuwi a bad name, in my opinion. I bought 2 HiPad X simultaneously, from Chuwi Store and then from AliExpress. I wanted to be sure to receive one of them before Christmas, for my daughter. The one bought from AliExpress arrived 2 months after. The screen protector is peeled of, they told me, its not part of the product list so just remove it. man… i was frustrated. Both box were different, so it shows it is not shipping from the same place. Chuwi store, the foam was grey dark, from AliExpress, it was white. They both use different name for the cpu, etc… Steer clear from AliExpress, i learn my lesson and will not use them again.

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CHUWI Official Store Is this store really official?

Yes, it is the official store of Chuwi on AliExpress

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Thank you for your reply.

I don’t understand then why you advise against buying from aliexpress. If there are problems with the purchase, open a dispute, provide evidence and come to a common solution with the seller. I hope that @Frankp0001 has a good solution

Chuwi dont have an Official Ebay Shop.
Contact eBay for Problems with your Items.
Official Chuwi Store List:

Purchase on Amazon

CHUWI Official Online Store

Official Aliexpress Store

Purchase on E-shop

Official LAZADA Store

These are the only Offcial CHUWI Stores.
Can you send us the Link from the eBay Shop from that you ordered your Lapbook, so we can report it to the @moderators ?
Best Regards

My Problem,
I mean, that you should not buy Stuff from unofficial Chuwi Stores on AliExpress.
Best Regards

chuwi2019 on eBay this where I brought from
all others different accounts

CHUWI GemiBook Pro 14.1" Laptop Windows PC Intel 16+512GB SSD Backlit Notebook | eBay account name chuwi2018 they selling from Spain too

Hey @Ahill,
Stores named: Chuwi2014, chuwi2016, chuwi2017, chuwi2018, chuwi2019, chuwi2021 and chuwi 2022 are not owned by CHUWI.
Best Regards