Chuwi Lapbook SE Hinge Issues

Hi, I want to share with you my unfortunate mishap with this brand and one of its products, namely the Chuwi Lapbook SE. My misadventure begins after a few days that I received the laptop, in fact sometimes the touchpad does not respond to the commands going completely crazy, I decide not to give weight to it hoping it was the only problem, but shortly after the keyboard keys started to do strange noises like whistles, and also the biggest problem of the pc, is that the hinges of the screen have completely broken by themselves, the fact is really absurd, the laptop has never fallen and therefore it is impossible that it is accidental damage , unfortunately I found that my laptop broke completely on its own, I don’t know if my Lapbook SE is a defective unit or if this is a common problem in chuwi products. Unfortunately I contacted Chuwi who did not help me solve the problem, the fact is absurd since the laptop they sold has obvious factory problems, I’m very sorry because I loved this brand and I its products especially my Chuwi Lapbook SE.

Update: unfortunately a few days ago the laptop stopped opening, it was impossible to open the lid without forcing and breaking the screen. I found myself forced to open the laptop and I noticed that the plastic parts on which the hinges were fixed is completely broken by itself leaving the hinges without a support. It seems obvious that the problem is a manufacturing issue and that the laptop was bound to break sooner or later, so I asked chuwi if it was possible to get a replacement screen but got no response.