Chuwi lapbook se - spare screen

Hi I’m from Italy. I have broke the screen of my lapbook SE about 2 years ago. I wrote many times to Chuwi through many social contact (email, aliexpress, facebook, messenger, etc), but I have never received an answer. Now I found this forum, and I hope that i can receive an answer. I want only repleace my screen, and I’m available to pay for the spare part! Is possibile to reiceve an anser?
Please, don’t tell me to write to “” or “” because I have done it yet!!
Thanks for your ansewer.

P.S. I’m also available to buy the screen from another user here, that have the broken PC but the working screen, and want to sell it!

I disassembled the back cover in order to better understand the cause of the screen break. I understood that the problem is known and that it depends on the hinges that are not well calibrated and impart a force that, in the long run, release it on the screen until it breaks.
As you can see from the photos, the LCD panel is fully functional, the only problem is the inability to close the laptop without breaking the glass further. In fact, if I try to close it, I hear the glass creak.
How can I solve the problem? I searched the net and there are no spare hinges and no spare screens!
Please, give me a solution or also a counsil!

This is the answer from CHUWI Official Store:

This computer screen should be a universal type, you can disassemble the screen and look at the model above, find the corresponding universal screen and buy it.

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to specify that I don’t need the LCD screen (luckily that is intact), I need the glass that covers the screen which, as you can see in the photo, was broken by the pressure of the faulty hinge.
Even if you were to change the screen, the hinge remains faulty and would break the new replaced screen!

Generally, the accessories are replaced with the entire screen, and there is no screen glass sold separately.