Ubook pro - broken glass (GLK version). Insane idea

Dears, I broke the front glass of my ubook pro (a fall from an height of 30 cm) long time ago and since then, I’m struggling with the demential after sale support of Chuwi.
Guess what? A screen replacement for this model simply does not exist, even though the tablet is still on sale everywhere: Chuwi has no replacement in stock and it will not be produced anymore.
The tablet is however fully functional as no damages occurred on both lcd and digitizer. It’s just the glass.
Hence I was wondering… What if I try to substitute only the glass?
I think it’s just a matter of patience and LOCA glue. I’ve seen a lot of surface pro on sale for spare parts for few bucks, screen size should be the same (but i’m not sure ratio is the same). Has anyone tried such a diy repair?
Thanks a lot!

P.s. Actually, there’s one seller on aliexpress which has the full screen replacement (not specifying however if it’s a GLK or not), but the price is outrageous.

I’m not sure it can be done manually since the screen is laminated. That means the fragile LCD-layer is completely glued to the glass panel, so when you pull a bit too hard on literally 1mm², it’ll probably tear the LCD-layer. That would render the entire screen unusable in one go.

I didn’t try this with a Ubook Pro so it might work better in your case, but my experience with another tablet (an old Asus Android Intel-based 7") in releasing the glass panel from a laminated screen ended in disaster. Luckily the digitizer itself was broken already so it wasn’t a major loss, but in your case it could be I guess…

I have the same problem. I asked Chuwi Official, and get the following message.

" Hello, sorry, we don’t have any screens in stock" from aftersale-service@chuwi.com.

AliExpress has some Chuwi screens except for Ubook pro. Finally, I bought screen protect sheet, and sealed the cracked screen to prevent expend the damage.

Yup Tom, nice workaround. But with a screen protector, the damage is still visible, right?

Yes, visible but the damage is very thin and short so that I can put up with it. Hopefully, I would get new one even now.