Ubook Pro 12.3 Sale - Replacement Parts


Since chuwi support is unreachable for replacement parts, I have a question.
Would anyone be interested in buying used Chuwi Ubook Pro 12.3’’, for example for parts (if your Ubook is dead - cause of the battery, dead chipset or anything)
Everything works well in my device except for a broken glass (display is ok).
I don’t use it anymore, maybe someone would make a good use of it.
A working black keyboard, stylus and a charger added.


That depends on how much you’re asking for it. The cost of my replacement parts (only email I got from Chuwi) was 36 dollars (U.S.). I can get the battery from Aliexpress for about 25 bucks. The LCD flex cable is what is giving me grief, but I’ve found one for the Microsoft Surface Pro (which is basically what Chuwi was making in the “Ubook Pro”) that may work.

I think 160$ would be fair.

Below photos of the UBook.
Everything works perfect - battery, keyboard, touch etc. WIN 11 on board. You would have plenty of replacement parts if needed :slight_smile:
Pencil, charger, I think I have even original boxes of it.

I sell because I dont use it anymore for a couple of months, now I’m more into smaller, Android tablets.

Where do you live (in case of potential shippment)?

I’m potentially very interested, even just for using it. :slight_smile:

The damage to the glass looks pretty superficial. Could it “work” by just putting a glass screen protector on the screen? I ask because I have several of those still lying around. :wink:

Is this a model with Celeron N4100 or maybe a Core m3 8100Y?

Original boxes might be nice, feels more like buying new stuff instead of used then!

Well, it works just fine even without puting an additional glass over it. Glass parts don’t fall off, you don’t cut fingers when using it. The stylus aslo works 100% well. Below I post the video:

It’s a Celeron N4100 model.
If you’re decided, PM your delivery address etc. I’ll try to arrange the shipment.

Well, in that case I’m definitely interested. It would mainly become my little daughter’s tablet (hence the added security of an extra screenprotector). She starts using mine more and more, but sometimes mr. Dad wants his tablet all to himself :slight_smile:

Celeron N4100 is a-ok and very familiar, in fact I’m typing on that exact same model right now. It’ll give me a chance to “review” Windows 11 before upgrading my main machine (which I use daily for teaching). I’ve upgraded my Hi10X and have been impressed with performance and battery life, but the touch experience has been seriously compromised compared to Windows 10 (and that was already worse compared to Windows 8).

Anyway, long story short: PM is coming right up :wink:

This post is out of date - the tablet is on it’s way to his new owner :wink: .