Ubook 11.6 N4100 screen protector

Where can I order the screen protector that comes on the Ubook 11.6 inch tablet.

Hello, for accessories,parts, please contact aftersale@chuwi.com, our service department will help you out. If you don’t get a proper reply in 24hrs, please tag me at here, I will follow up on it. Have a good day!

I contacted aftersale@chuwi.com, twice on the 20th and 22nd, but got no response. This is what I sent in the email to see if please help me.

I bought a Ubook 11.6, but it came with a problem on the screen, I want to know where to find the replacement part? And how is the guarantee made, can you send me the replacement part?

The problem on the screen is with white spots, is there anything to do to improve?

Please send me a location (link) that will deliver in Brazil.

I’m sending photos of the problem and the purchase order for the product.

Link to the problem video on the screen: https://youtu.be/LEd6a6jw9MQ


Patrício Pereira

Please tell me your email



Patrício Pereira

OK ,I’m following up for you.

I didn’t receive any reply emails.

Hello I have not received any contact, could see this question for me, I have already sent again the email hj. Thank you.

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They have sent back your email many times. Please check it carefully

Please send in this other email patriciosp@outlook.com.

Just check your old gmail account.

Do you know what caused the error and what was the solution? The phenomenon is starting to come to me as well.

I had no resolution, I asked chuwi to pass me the value of the piece, but she wouldn’t. You said you wanted this, but you didn’t answer me. He spoke only to send to them, only that international shipments are blocked and I also use to work and I can not be without the device, but still did not respond satisfactorily to me … A total disregard.

Thank you, this is sad!

hi, no resolution, SAC does not inform me if it has the screen to change, nor the value of it. They ask to send the product to check the tablet, but for me it is not possible, it is not making international shipments and shipping costs plus the receipt fees are the value of a new product, totally unviable and the SAC does not solve anything … I asked to send a screen and I made the switch, but they never respond … I don’t buy anything from this company anymore.