Problem on the screen Ubook 11.6

I bought a Ubook 11.6, but it came with a problem on the screen, I want to know where to find the replacement part?

The problem on the screen is with white spots, is there anything to do to improve?

Please send me a location (link) that will deliver in Brazil.

I’m sending photos of the problem, I already sent an email to, but I didn’t get a reply.

Link to the problem video on the screen:


Patrício Pereira

Good day! Faced the same problem… The display shows a circular spot.

Hey you solve this problem?
Looks like I’m experiencing the same problem
Tell me to solve this problem

Hi, no resolution, SAC does not inform me if it has the screen to change, nor the value of it. They ask to send the product to check the tablet, but for me it is not possible, it is not making international shipments and shipping costs plus the receipt fees are the value of a new product, totally unviable and the SAC does not solve anything … I asked to send a screen and I made the switch, but they never respond … I don’t buy anything from this company anymore.

Yes I was so, SAC asked me to send a tablet, but it’s not possible the cost is very expensive and not sure also the screen was replaced with a new one, While this tablet I wear while waiting for some who sell this new screen Chuwi Ubook