Chuwi Ubook N4100 Touch Issues

Hello Guys, I need help with My Ubook. I installed a driver for the Ubook pro (It was a pen driver) and it gave me ghost touch. I think the ghost touch is gone now (not sure though) but in the middle of the screen the touch doesnt work. The windows logo also doesnt work like it should (it should open the windows bar or something) The pen also doesnt work in the middle. Does anyone know a Fix for this? The Touchscreen also is not very accurate (sorry for my bad english)

Here is a Video

Another Video

Добрый день. Скорее всего вы установили новые калибровки которые находятся на микросхеме которая управляет сенсором. Вам нужно искать ваши калибровки либо придётся менять экран и сенсор.

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Thanks for the reply! Do you have an idea where I could get a Calibration file for my device? Because Chuwi already said that they want to replace my screen but I dont have the money for that and it is 100% a Software issue. Thanks! :slight_smile: