Ghost Touch on Chuwi Freebbook


I own a Chuwi Freebook (Did not see this model listed in this website though) and am experiencing what people called the Ghost Touch.

Any one here can help me overcome this problem?

Unable to upload a video there to show what my problem is.

It is basically windows screen goes haywire as though someone is controlling it. Apps open and closed. MOuse pointer jumps everywhere and able to see multiple touch points on the screen.

Thanks in advance.

I have same problem with ghost touch on my Chuwi FreeBook but on the edge of screen (see attachement). Drivers in device manager looks fine, pen writeing works fine.
Where can I download latest driver and firmware/bios for Chuwi FreeBook? Where to find help - or different address?

CHUWI please help


I got this from my seller but my problems still persist. Decided to disable my touch screen.

sorry unable to attached the file here

thanks for respond, disableing touch screen is good workarround to use FreeBook like a standard laptop. For me touch screen is very important, because of this (and 360 flip) I bought the FreeBook. Maybe someone from Chuwi share latest drivers, firmware/bios to FreeBook and will help us to resolve the problem? @ChuwiService ?

The pen still works after disabling the touch screen for your information if it is any help to you :slight_smile:

Thank you for information, this could be a temporary workaround until someone from Chuwi help us to resolve the ghost touch problem.

I received a dedicated firmware update from the seller to resolve edge ghost touch. The problem resolved, but I noticed that the small touch strip on the edge had been disabled from touch.

any possibility of sharing it with me? Maybe you can email to me


I sent a message to your e-mail

So far it is working for mine too. Thanks. Your patch seems to be a newer version of the one I received from my seller which did not work so well.

Will continue to test out.