Touch Screen ghosting


My tablet is the UBook 11.6" Q256GH2060284 (Not pro)

I installed UBook Pro N4100 TP driver:

thinking it was a driver for the touchpad fix. But it’s for the touch panel.

So it screwed up my ubook 11.6 touch screen.

Now my touch screen is ghosting. There are constant random touches.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the old touch drivers but still the same.

Ive tried a new OS install but same thing is happening.

So I’m guessing it’s a bios or firmware issue.

I then flashed the Bios and EC from:

UBook drivers:

These Bios are actually lower than the Bios I had with the tablet out of the box.

Still same problem still after flashing.

Can you please send me the newer bios and Firware for the Ubook Q256GH2060284.

Have you tried to remove any screen protector film?

I have the same problem did you find a solution or a good file to flash the bios?

I am having the same problem too. Thought it might be an issue with Windows, so decided to do a fresh install, but had the same issue of random screen presses without me pressing anything during the Windows set up, tried Linux, same issue. I have ended up disabling the touchscreen in Windows. Interestingly the Pen still works, although the registration of pen touching the screen is off. I have tried calibrating it, but it is still out by about a centimetre. I would suggest a hardware failure or an issue in the BIOS. I have reported it to Chuwi via the website, but not yet had a response, as it was a Saturday, I am going to give them until late Tuesday before I chase through Amazon.

Me too! What is the Solution?