Ubook N4100 Pen&Touch Problem

My dumbass thought I have a Ubook Pro cuz its what shows up when I google Ubook N4100, I only realized today that there is a Ubook (Non-Pro) that also has N4100, I assume that I have a wrong cfg file as I have used the cfg file for Ubook Pro

I’ve noticed that the pen would work correctly on the edges and I’ve found this link which contains all drivers So I figured I’d try to try and update my pen drivers and used the one under “UBook Pro N4100 TP driver” but now my touch and pen is f*cked up bad, I cant even swipe the screen anymore without it breaking into multiple taps instead of a single swipe, it also reads a single touch as two sometimes… Is there anything I could do to fix this?

Here’s a pic if i use touch, I can only embed 1 picture in a post

I backed up all the drivers from my UBook. Download it and try to fix your drive. Make sure you are using windows 10.

here is the download link: ShrinkMe.io