I need Touch driver for Ubook Pro N4100

I need the Touch Drivers for the Ubook Pro N4100 touchscreen.

I have tried searching the forum for an answer but did not find anything for the Ubook Pro N4100. After a windows 10 update the only thing that seems to not be working correctly is the touchscreen. There are no yellow exclamation marks in Control Panel.
Any help would be appreciated.

This is compressed folder FileRepository, i’m not sure is there a touch driver :man_shrugging:, i don’t have ubook so i can’t check.
Unpacked size around 2.8GB

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Thanks for the reply. Is this a FileRepository for Ubook Pro N4100 drivers? I’ll take a look at the link. I’m certain there are drivers for the Touchscreen on Ubook Pro N4100.

Yes, this files from installed original windows on ubook pro with N4100 CPU.

wow! great. thanks so much. I’ll report back after I install in case someone else has same issue.

which driver specifically controls the touch screen? is it the HID-Compliant touch screen driver, or the GoodixTouchDriver Device? windows is saying both of these drivers are the correct ones. the touch screen will work…but is off…meaning when you touch the screen in one place it registers the touch in another. I tried calibrating the touch in windows but it didn’t make a difference. Is it possible that the sensor is off?
thanks for any help

Goodix making fingerprint sensors, so probably main touch driver is HID-Compliant touch screen.I had a problem like that on another laptops and tablets, sometimes it was because gyroscope and sometimes i had to install original windows.

On russian forum i found that in bios you can choose which touch you are using. Probably chuwi sets different touchscreens.

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you’re probably right about the gyroscope. it seems that the touch screen is working it just registers the touch inaccurately…touch one place on screen…registers the touch somewhere else on screen. the touch swipe up and left and right seems to work fine.
thanks so much for all your help. I’ll look at the bios to see if there are touchscreen options.

I found information that touch can be calibrated with goodix software, but i can’t find any tutorials, only this explanation.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely try it. It appears after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro everything is working on my Ubook Pro N4100 except touchscreen. Which is working but registering the touch inaccurately.
thanks again for all you help. Too bad Chuwi doesn’t provide a recovery image for this tablet.

I did it! found a Goodix Touch Driver update and updated the touch driver. Touchscreen works correctly now. If someone else has problems with the Ubook Pro N4100 touchscreen after windows 10 upgrade or for whatever reason. I’ll gladly give a link to site with correct drivers. Biosham, thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it!


I’m happy for you :slight_smile:

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@ringman60 can you provide link of your driver?

you can find the drivers at this link. good luck

Hello! I have the same isue with touch screen, I did all steps and I can’t put on well.
Can you tell me what you do exacly?

[ringman60], a sua tela touch funcionava? Eu estou com a tela com o toque errado, tentei calibrar pelo windows, instalei este programa goodix mas mesmo assim nao funciona.

Depois de mais de 60 dias, eu resolvi a calibração da tela. Entre neste link e baixe somente o drive, de acordo com sua arquitetura (X64 ou x32). https://www.drvhub.net/devices/input-devices/goodix/touch-hid.

Hi dude, I have had the exact same issue with my new chuwi ubook, and I believe I have done everything that you have, without any success :frowning: . I have reset windows using the Ubook n4100 rom, tried manually and using the driver updater you mentioned, to update the drivers. I am really stuck on what else to try.

Interestingly, the goodixtouchdriver device isn’t listed on my device manager, even showing hidden devices. Could this be my issue ?