Ubook x Touchscreen driver

I made the last win 10 update, after which my touchscreen is absolutely crazy and can no longer be controlled. I’ve been looking for the touchscreen driver for days. Can someone heroes tell me which driver I can use for the Ubook x with the N4100. Thank you for your help.
Here is a video of my problem.

I found most of what I needed here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/

Pilote Intel pour UHD Graphics 600 version du 08/01/2021.
Le site Intel permet de récupérer tous les pilotes :slight_smile: Assistant pilotes et support Intel®

Can you boot into safe mode?

Which safe mode do you mean? The BIOS? If I deactivate the touchscreen in the device manager, the problem is gone, but then I can no longer use the touchscreen, if I activate it, the ghost mode comes back.

Intel says all drivers are up to date.