Ubook X CWI535 Touchscreen Issue

after updating the Firmware for the HiPen 6 my touchscreen is inverted and has ghosting.
Tried the many fixes in this forum however there isnt a fix that worked for me so far.
Spent countless hours to revert the firmware to no avial.

could somehow be kind enough to link me the right drivers
official support wasnt helpful so far.

Ubook XQ256G20081524

I checked and my colleagues answered you this morning sending this file check if it works. But i would recommend to install everything from zero, windows and drivers as you install too many things that may be the system got crazy :wink:

No that’s the same ISO i installed already. I need the firmware for the touchscreen and HiPen6

Nils M

Check this one in theory corresponds to your Serial Number. Take into account your ubook was one of the first ones we made.Maybe thats why installing others did not work.

And if that does not work try this one

After dual booting into Linux mint the driver firmware got changed to the right one automatically.

thank you for informing,that is good to know