UBook X CW1535 Digitizer / HiPen H6 Firmware needed

I performed this firmware update on my UBook X.

I assumed that it was an update for the HiPen H6 and not for the digitizer in the tablet. There was no corresponding warning.

As a result, the touchscreen and pen input on my UBook X no longer work. To fix the error, I now need the correct cfg file and the firmware for the GXTP7386 digitizer.

Unfortunately it is hard to find. Can someone help me here and please make this available. It is the UBook X Type CW1535.

Many Thanks.

me too. we got same situation. any help on this? been searching a cfg file for Ubook X for touchscreen

Here are the system files and tutorials.
This link was sent to me by CHUWI support.

(UBook X CW1535 OS)


I applied this driver after recovering from the link above.
(Ubook X HID drivers)

1、Copy the folder “Phoenix-hid-update” to the root directory of C drive.
2、Run “FirmwareUpdate.bat” as administrator, there will be a success message on the window, then prompt “Press any key to finish”, close the window at this time.
3、Run as administrator “ConfigUpdate.bat”, run successfully on the window with a prompt success, and then prompt “Press any key to finish”, then close the window.

In my case, the touchscreen was restored and finger touch was usable again. However, I haven’t been able to use the stylus pen yet. When I emailed support, they said it was a problem with the pen. But I doubt it, because I can use the pen on other device. If anyone can recover it with this link, please let me know if you are able to use the pen as well.


A week later, I solved this problem in a surprisingly simple way.
All I had to do was to press and hold the side switch of the pen for about two seconds at a time. I don’t know if it’s the mode switch or the reset switch, but after a few tries, I was able to use the pen as before.


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