My ubook needs repairing

Hello, I wanted to share my experiences as a user on Chuwi products. On November 11 (Black Friday) I bought the Ubook Pro, Chuwi took more than a week to send it and of of course it arrived 5 days late. After unboxing the tablet presented problems that I haven’t been able to solve today. Chuwi technical support doesn’t really answer with a solution and in Aliexpress they send you the same response all the time.

Of course I will not do what they ask me because the tablet has software/hardware problems.

On Aliexpress all the negative reviews are from users who bought the tablet on 11NOV. Then it is obvious that Chuwi sent a defective product to everyone who bought their products the black Friday.

The worst part is how unhelpful and lazy is their technical support, also in indiegogo says that this tablet is a prototype and not a final product,

so I do not understand how they can do this kind of thing. Soon I will do a video review so that people can see the malfunction of this product.

I understand products can have problems but when everyone who buy on the same day experience the same problem… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

You have made a good selection only of negative opinions, congratulations. Look at the full article opinions before ruling a general problem.

5 * 80%
4 * 11%
3 * 1%
2* 1%
1 * 7%

Read the whole thing. I didnt said they were all negative… I said everyone who bought it on black Friday left negative comments. I also said that everyone who bought it on Black Friday had the same problem. So my conclusion and they lack of interest or help is than they know what they sold. The good reviews are mostly anonymous or “product arrived good”

I think you should solve the problem with the store in Ali directly if possible and, in case you do not receive an answer, I will try to find a contact to find a solution

They don’t answer! Its have been a week. And look some 5 starts reviews lol

communicate with ailexpress service and support , send photos and evidence to them i think they can help in refunding

Yes, Im giving it back

That is pretty shocking.