Support is not replying

Here is the timeline:

    1. September - I ordered Ubook X 12" + H7 stylus + keyboard. On eu(dot)chuwi(dot)com it says that expected delivery is 1-6 days.
    1. October - I wrote to support(at)chuwi(dot)com (via website form) asking why I still didn’t receive my order. They didn’t reply.
    1. October - From I received an email with UPS tracking number. Status is “DE, Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.”
    1. October - DHL delivered me only the keyboard.
    1. October - I wrote again to asking them to clarify am I going to get my tablet and stylus from UPS or do we need to escalate. They didn’t reply.

So the current status is - no one replies, I got only a keyboard, UPS has not retrieved the package and Chuwi marked Fulfillment status to Fulfilled.

I can understand that there may be some issues with delivery but I cannot understand that there is no communication at all from the support.

Llevas poco tiempo chaval, estos tíos son super majos , se quedan con los productos defectuosos para el museo de reliquias.
Mi Aerobook lo tienen desde Enero, pero seguro que me regalan alguna entrada para ver el Museo.

So did you get your order? Did they ever reply to your e-mails?

Yes, I did receive my order with a couple of days delay. They did reply to my email - again with a couple of days delay.
All in all, I am quite happy with the device. Before I bought this one I was thinking to order 2 more (one for wife and one for kids). But the sad truth is that though I did receive my device and I am happy with it, I am not feeling confident with Chuwi support. The way that they responded (very, very bad English and being ignored for days), made me afraid to order more. Reddit is full of similar experiences regarding warranty as well. I feel bad for Chuwi since they have good products, very good pricing but their customer support is killing them. They could easily be the next Xiaomi just if they figure out this part.

I fundamentally doubt if they really have good products. There are many complaints about product failing too early or laptops heating too much and like that when it comes to Chuwi.

I was at a store in my city where they have Chuwi laptop on display and as I was checking it out it shut down randomly on its own without me pressing the power button.
This forum as well as amazon shopping site is filled with lots of negative reviews.
With Chuwi it’s a matter of luck if the product lasts long. They are unreliable products.