UBook X sent to service center without response

Hi, creating a topics here since other channels are not working.
A month+ ago after just 4 months of use my tablet pc had a serious screen tapping problem that could not let me do anything to fix because the screen will just tap away from my current action.
I raised a case, walked through solutions with the service Support and ultimately I was told to send my tablet pc to Hong Kong using DHL which I did. I sent them the tracking number but after that did not hear from Support at all not even to confirm that the tablet had reached its destination, although DHL’s tracking confirmed that it had.
I sent multiple follow up emails asking about this for the following month but got nothing. I even raised a new case on the website but was just informed that the case has been merged into the old one - they clearly had time to process and merge the cases but could not reply on the case itself.
Can I get any response at all on this tablet, as I spent quite a lot of money to ship it over only to get no response? I do know that I have been informed that the tablet may need a couple of months to fix and get back to me about it but I’m only asking to confirm that the tablet has been received and things are able to move forward, I’m unable to use a laptop for this entire time while waiting.

Hello, is anyone seeing this especially admin(s)?

I have raised multiple emails to the Chuwi support team only to be ghosted there and here, could anyone please respond as I have spent almost USD$500 on this tablet including shipping to ultimately have no product to show for it.