After sales support quality

Dear Chuwi team / management,

Just want to let you know I am kinda disappointed about support in any possible way.

Facebook, email or via aliexpress. The support quality via aliexpress is 0. You can write your problems and get 1 sentence copy past answer.

Facebook and email nearly 5 days no reaction. Seems not acceptable to me. Is that normal?

Sure I could try to answer all my quesiioss and probeems myself but thats not m intension when I buy multiple new laptops and a tablet from a company.



I’m sorry for your experience. What’s the reason you contacted us?Can you tell me?I’ll do my best to help you.


IL just copy the mail as iam at airport right now.

Hey I bought the ubook pro via a promotion from official aliexpress chuwi store.

Product looks fine so far.

But the performance is horrible can’t even deal with 2 or more tabs on chrome. And it’s laggy so i think it’s tech / software based rproblem.

Iam from Germany and like to knwow how to Deal with that

Where can I redownlaoad the os? How to fix this?

Another thing is thzaz I need professional windows as I need all features. Can I just install the normlal os downloaded from Microsoft?

The biggest problem is the TouchPad as I cant configure it at all. Once I touch it just a little bit it minimize my current app/ browser
There must be a solution to fix this?!? As I can’t use it this way.

Thats really annoying. Id like to hear from you shortly.

Additional information its just the 2nd day of a few hours testing (kinda afraid of whats coming up next)

Last thing mentioned is the 1. 1 ghz processor. Where can I set up the 2.4(as even in perf. Test it don’t clock over 1.1)?? Not. Showing anywhere (maybe a wrong CPU inside?)

Attached the purchase details Fook aliexpress

Cheers Nils

Got it. Please tell me your email address and I will tell relevant departments to contact you.

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Sure take


okay, :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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Our after-sales department has not received your email, please send another to

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Aight I’ll forward the previous mail

Just saw I send from

Just send it again a few secs ago