Just a word about support: dissatisfied, disappointed

Hello everyone, this ist my (“Horror”)-Story with Support:

I’ve been waiting since October 2023 (today is July 2024!) for my tablet to be repaired and for me to get it back.
I had a problem with a Hi10 Xpro. The tablet froze and kept restarting itself.
The camera and WiFi didn’t work properly either.
After contacting support, I was asked to install new firmware, but that didn’t help.

In March 2023, support asked me to send the tablet to a support base in Germany, which I did. Since then I have been waiting for the tablet to be repaired and sent to me. In response to several inquiries I was asked to be patient.

In May 2024 I received a DHL announcement from CHUWI Support Germany, but unfortunately nothing further happened. Since then, further requests to CHUWI have been ignored.
The phone number for the German support base (Leverkusen, CHUWI Othello) does not work.

I am very dissatisfied, or to be more precise, very angry.

At this point I can only recommend that everyone consider buying something from CHUWI, as the support is very unreliable and you as a customer end up being completely ignored.


We sincerely apologize. I just read the emails that my colleague sent you and it seems there was a mistake , the warehouse scanned your product , but it was not yours, which had to be sent. But another customer, so you received the notification and that is why nothing happened. We apologize for that.
That means it is still in repair. Support wrote to you today , at 10:51 did you receive the email?

Dear Maria, @ChuwiSpainSupport, thank you for the fast feedback !
No, I haven’t received any emails from support since June 12, 2024 (I also checked the spam folder). I think it’s a shame that the process isn’t a little more transparent. As an end user, you feel left in the dark for months. I actually now think that I will never get the tablet back.
Best regards

I copy here the email. It was answered, i really apologize sometimes as our servers are in China overseas emails stop it, so you guys do not receive it. You will receive the tablet but we are having delay in Germany, but it will eventually be shipped. Be sure of that. If much more time pass you can always write here as i read the forum everyday.And i will ask my support colleagues.