How to apply for after-sales service for your chuwi products

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We are very appreciate that you buy Chuwi product and support Chuwi. In order to provide a better service, Chuwi has built after-sales service station in Europe and Russia at present.
If your tablet has any problem. You can contact us first and we will deal with it for you (if it is software problem).

If we can’t deal with your problems, such as hardware problem or you need change the accessories, please finish the sheet that i have attached (, and we will submit it to our after-sales service station and they will contact you and repair the tablet for you.

If it is in warranty period, any failure caused by non- human causes will be identified by our engineer that the items will be get free maintain.( Note: Chuwi maintains full rights to interpretation,for quick to identify and deal with machine problems,please provide us the clearly photos or the complete video to show the issues with your machine) . But you need to provide purchased record screenshot and order number and Pay shipping for the machine, the freight return to you should be payed by us, thank you very much.

Everyone has any after-sales problem, you can send the email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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I bought a Chuwi HIBook 10 Pro dual operating system recently., and bought a corresponding Chuwi pen to work with it. The first thing I noted was that the Chuwi pen was not working with it either in windows or in android.
On investigation, I realized that in windows:

  1. Windows ink was not installed in the windows 10
  2. The system did not detect secondary display in windows, hence I cannot make use of the HDMI to connect to externel display.
  3. I cannot under android use the HDMI outlet also
  4. The system does not keep time settings. Under windows I have to manually set the time as it does not even synchronize time automatically. Under Andriod, it updates the time once there is internet connection.
    Can you help with solve these problems?

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It does not count if your tablet is new or used. If used, will the previous owner have installed new systems that do not include the necessary drivers?The stylus you have bought, is the Hipen 2, black? The Hipen 2 is the only one compatible with your tablet.
When you answer my questions I will guide you with the most appropriate solution

Thanks. The pen i bought was black HIPEN 2.

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I sent the device to chuwi. I received a notification that it was delivered. The service won’t respond to my messages. Once they sent a message saying they didn’t take the device.

Chuwi regrets. The wifi incident is very bad. There are three chuwi in my wlim. 2 have hi10 plus one hi12. All of them are hardly connected from the next room. Previously there was hi12 and it was difficult to connect. Definitely don’t take chuwi!