Hello, I have been writing to the chuwi after-sales service for several days and they do not answer me, what can I do? I have a fault in my Chuwi laptop, I have spoken with the technical service in my country (Spain) and they reply that they can repair it, but they need a reply from Chuwi aftersales, but they never reply. I need help, I have bought several Chuwi products and I have highly recommended Chuwi because I was happy with the quality and after-sales service, but this time I am very frustrated, I cannot believe that they simply do not want to respond to my emails. I need help, what can I do? It is very important for me to recover that laptop for all the information it has inside. Please, someone answer me. Thank you

I imagine you have written to
It is not normal that they take so long to answer you

When you send it to Seseña, keep in mind that they erase all the data and they will install the operating system again