Chuwi Customer Service - An Experience to Forget

My experience with Chuwi’s customer service has been nothing short of a nightmare, a journey through a labyrinth of inefficiency, indifference, and sheer lack of professionalism.

I sent in my RZBox PC for repair, at my own expense, hoping for a swift and competent service. Instead, I found myself caught in a cycle of delays and deferrals that lasted a staggering 9 months. Throughout this period, I tried to remain patient and understanding, but my patience has its limits.

The final blow came when, without any notice or communication, Chuwi closed my support ticket. No resolution, no explanation, no apology. To add insult to injury, my PC was not even returned to me. It’s as if it vanished into thin air.

This is not just an example of poor customer service, but a downright affront. It’s unacceptable for a company to treat its customers this way, with no respect for their time, their money, and their trust.

I strongly discourage anyone from doing business with Chuwi. Their lack of accountability and respect for customers is staggering. If you’re looking for a reliable brand, with competent and respectful customer service, you need to look elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned, Chuwi has permanently lost my trust

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Initially I was interested in Chuwi Laptops, They were much cheaper than established brands like Asus, Lenovo, Acer Dell HP etc. Fortunately there’s a service center in my city as well.

But I asked several pre-sales queries to their support and they never responded.
Those guys asked for serial number. How can I know serial number at the time of pre-sales queries? Don’t they know even basics?!

On shopping site I raised again some pre-sales queries to seller who is official CHuwi in my country, but again no response.

Moreover their support does not work unless you enter serial number. So as a user if I want to see upfront what OS, drivers and apps are offered, there’s no way.
They also don’t have their own servers. They use mediafire.
I am here just because computer HW SW technology troubleshooting is my hobby and I like to think over a problem and make a map of troubleshooting ideas in my mind. So I like participating on this forum, but if you notice, this forum is filled with many users raising hw or sw issues with their chuwi products.
This indicates that they have focused on looks but the underlying quality is poor.
This is the industry where you get what you pay for.
Cheaper product means inferior quality components and very less focus on after sales support.

I’m fully aware that cheaper products means inferior quality, but they proposed some good ideas, and i wanted to touch with hands how reliable that ideas were. It was never a matter of price.
But sending back a pc with an issue and not getting it back it was beyond my imagination.
It was an RMA. It wasn’t required some investigation.
Defective product comes back, check if it’s in warranty (and it was) and send back a refurbished or (worst case scenario)a new unit. Simple as that.
But no! They preferred get the pc and keep it.

As now i learned the lesson the hard way. No more chuwi.

Till date they are not ready to answer my pre-sales queries in black-n-white.
A sales manager called me and gave a superficial answers but they are not ready to put in down on email.

@ki_2004 . Write exactly the questions you need to ask, i will try again to see if i can solve your doubts maybe asking technical department or other people not related to support…
@Xanatos Is the issue solved? write me and tell me the email you used to write them. I will have a look and ask my colleagues.,

No, absolutely it’s not solved, @ChuwiSpainSupport.
Also not a word from the support. My pc is gone and i have no info about it. My mail is (edited for privacy xxxpxxe@gxxxxom) and the request number that they gave me was #396. They get the pc on March 8 2023 (and i have the DHL receipt). Then it have to be disappeared in a black hole.

@Xanatos I already talked with my superior for your case also, waiting for an answer.

I have the same situation. I bought Minibook X and used it for only 2 months then it broken (cannot boot window). I sent my Minibook X to service center (Hong Kong) since October 2023. Until now, I have not get it back. I try to communicate with them by email to them many time. They just told me that it was under repaired processes.

Can you help me for for my requset? @ChuwiSpainSupport

ref: request received:No power & No Boot(3461)”.

Im glad to say that Xanatos, finally got his PC back this last week (5-10 feb 24).I am sorry for the trouble caused.

@Leky017 i will talk with my colleagues tomorrow monday 19th when we come back from holidays,(its been two weeks) problem is now no one will answer me :)because we are not at the office. I am writting everything pending dont worry.
@bobcat saw you opened a thread i will answer you there

Hello, How about my request? Any update?

Thanks for your help. @ChuwiSpainSupport

I already asked my colleague, they are waiting the answer from HK to see why is delaying.

@ChuwiSpainSupport How about their answer?


The problem is recently its been on Holidays (in China people work whole year and take chance at this time to ask for a month of holidays or even more).Also depends on companies for sure. They told us that probably next week most people will come back and will be easier to get a detailed response.

@ChuwiSpainSupport I still waiting a good news from you.

Thank you.

I know, dont worry, I have the list of the people pending in a word document, i am waiting till one of my colleagues go to Hong Kong repair service to check personally the things pending and see what is going on and give final instructions.

I think I should worry. I bought your product because I needed to use it for my business. But more than 4-5 months (after it was sent for repairing), I could not use it.

Moreover, the product’s warranty will be expired in next 2 months (although I just used it only 2-3 months after I bought it).

That why I should worry.

warranty is no a problem, because you sent it while it was on it, so no matter it expires and it is being repaired.
I hope this week, will be solved when my colleague goes to Hk to have a look on the things pending,


How about the update for my problem? I am waiting with grate anticipation.


i am waiting for a solution, my colleague is in Hk, last week the repair center relocated to another palce and instead he went there this week. I hope i can help you this week. I am so sorry for the waiting ;(