Support closing tickets without resolving the issues

May i ask why my ticket #396 has been closed without resolve my issue?
My RZBox it’s still in your hands, (and it’s been 9 month, already) and still no answer, no tickets nothing.

Pratically you stole the pc that i bought.

Have i to sue you, to get my hardware back?

Did you send it back to China? If so you can forget about it. It will never come back to you. Happened to me the same with another cheap laptop brand from China. I sent it for repair and they basically just said sorry we couldn’t repair it so we threw it away. The only thing I could do to force them to send me a new one was to give them a really bad review on one of those pages that score online vendors.

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Sadly yes, i’ve sent it back to Hong Kong as they requested.
But you gave me an idea.
Chuwi, beware. Shitstorm incoming.

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There’s no service center in your country/city?

If so, you learnt the hard way never to buy product if there’s no service center in your city or vicinity.

No, there is a center in Europe. But as it was a unit from the presale campaign they asked me to send it to Hong Kong.
But it doesn’t change anything.Their after sales assistance is the worst ever.

Same for me. @felince Where did you give them bad review?

Sorry forthe late reply. The pages that I used were sitejabber and trustpilot. However the laptop was bought using So by the time they seemed to be very concerned about having good rates on those two webpages. Still I am sure that you will not get your device back.

@Xanatos @OrangeDog Im currently handling your cases and passed them to my boss to give a solution to all of you, because you wrote on others post separately about your cases. Just be patient. Im going to give a solution.

@ChuwiSpainSupport it’s perfectly clear that there were issues with the repair centers. Let’s hope that no pc has been “lost” during the issues.
For me, my pc is good as gone. If you can miraculosly solve the issue and make me have back my rzbox (working), i’ll consider it like a gift

There is no way to resolve your issue other than receiving a new device. I’m 100% sure you’re device was either stolen or scraped for repair parts.

@felince my colleagues told me when they talk to the repair center in HK they say is still there, . So im trying to see which solution i can give for this.

This would be a completely reasonable answer after one of two months of dealing with the issue. After almost one year this explanation is completely unacceptable. If your company has issues with their repair centers, that’s your company’s issue, not your customer’s. Take responsibility about solving your customer’s issue as soon as possible, if you were serious about it you’d given a replacement device as soon as you’d detected a problem with your repair centers, so your customer didn’t had to go through the pain and stress of dealing with your inconvenient ticketing system. I’m sorry but this is completely unacceptable.

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@ChuwiSpainSupport it’s a relief that my rzbox is still there. But it’s also unacceptable. As @felince correctly appoint “If your company has issues with their repair centers, that’s your company’s issue, not your customer’s.”
Let me be frank and straight: if my pc is still there, unopened, unchecked and not processed, you HAVE to send me a replacement unit. We’re talking of 11 months. Almost an year. For something that is still not started. Think about receiving the same treatment. You work and you should be paid. But your company is waiting more than 11 month to pay you because they have issues with the HR or the payroll service.
This is the same. I paid for a product. That product was defective. In the money i’ve paid was ensured the assistance and replacement. Now the company have my money and my product. And i have nothing but regret and hate for the choice to buy from you.

Think about it.

Xanatos, Felince, i totally understand, and that is why i decided to step up instead of ignoring the posts which would be horrible. Even though i know i would not receive “Kind words”.I see it .I want to be attended the same way you want for sure… I know how important is the after sales service that is why, I decided to also try to give support here . What i can do is attend the best way (the way i want to be attended, ) i can from now on.
So lets see what they tell me this week, because i sent these cases to be reviewed .

@ChuwiSpainSupport i really appreciate your effort and i hope my previous reply doesn’t seemed rude. In that case, i’m sorry. I know it’s not your fault for the current situation, and as i said i really appreciate what are you doing.
Let’s hope that this effort of yours is not in vain.

Do not worry, i was just trying to explain myself.