Bad Chuwi After Sale Service / Warranty Support Experience

My Larkbox (when under warranty) failed to start and Chuwi service via email requested me to send it back to their Hong Kong address to fix. The PC reached their Hong Kong address on 9th June 2021.

From June 2021 until now (15th Oct 2021), they are not fixing it nor returning it nor replacing it. I have sent them many emails and there is no proper reply as well.

In their latest reply, they are asking me to reach out seller for refund as I requested this as the PC stopped working during warranty and they are not able to fix within reasonable time. The PC was actually purchased from them directly via Indiegogo. As such, I forwarded their service team’s email to and

Unfortunately, no one is responding now. Any one had such bad experience during warranty period of the product you purchased from Chuwi? If yes, did anyone here managed to get it solved?