Chuwi: Worst Customer Support ever!

I’m astonished at the deep low level Chuwi after sales “so called” support has reached.

Back last summer I participated in the Indiegogo crowfunding for 2 larkbox mini PCs. Received them in september and the first one had issues withe power adapter which was causing it to lose power randomly. Contacted support and after weeks where they were trying to ask me to contact the reseller (even after I explained there were none, as I got the devices directly from them) someone promised to send me a new power adapter which I never received. Needless to say, they stopped responding to my emails afterwards.

Recently I contacted them again for my second larkbox, which remained unopened for many months. When I tried to power it up, I was suprised to find the bios asking for a password.
Contacted them again, asking for support and advices on how to reset the bios/removing the password and the guy at the after sales support (under the name of Jim, because I think everyone needs to take responsibility for how they treat customers) insinuated twice it was my fault and that I set up the password and forgotten it.
He was giving for granted was my fault even w/o having checked the device, which is really rude and unrespectful for customers.

Of course once again, after a few emails back and forth, radio silence and I’m left with a device I paid (even more, I have contributed with my funds to be developed) which is useless. This was disgusting and I will make sure Chuwi gets the reviews it deserves for such a shameful way they treat their customers.


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@acaiola maybe try to remove the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS password: CHUWI LarkBox Teardown - World's Smallest 4K Mini PC - YouTube

Hi Parphane,

that would be my next step, together with locating the jumper which normally on an Intel based pc enables you to erase the cmos. Just that before opening the pc, and voiding the warranty in doing that, I was expecting some support.
Given that there is none, of course I’m not going to lose anything in opening the PC…

Thanks for helping out with your suggestion

Forget it! It won’t work. I left the CMOS battery disconnected for 3 days but the BIOS didn’t reset itself on the 4th day. Even if you open the case and if it’s still under warranty, they won’t know it since there’s no sticker or whatsoever on any of the screws.

Thanks, I actually dismantled completely the larkbox (following this video: (1618) CHUWI LarkBox Teardown - World’s Smallest 4K Mini PC - YouTube and I could not find any jumper.
I’ve disconnected the BIOS battery but as you could confirm, the BIOS password did not reset.

However in doing it, I discovered that the 240GB SSD I paid for as optional (and where Windows 10 should have been installed) was not there! As I bought 2 of them I opened the other one and took a side by side picture for comparison

Maybe this is connected with the fact the BIOS requires a password…Will try again to reach out to Chuwi Support but I have zero expectations :frowning: