LarkBox from Indiegogo

Just received my LarkBox from the IndieGogo campaign, was really excited to set it up, but…
I’m afraid that my device is DOA (Dead On Arrival):

  • the first time I booted it, I got the Chuwi logo and the spinning wheel… then a blank/black screen… forever.
  • went to the Indiegogo page to read the comments… Oh my god! so many issues!!
  1. I went to BIOS and add the ‘thermal’ settings as one use reported: OK, fan is now working (at least I can hear it)
  2. Impossible to boot from the eMMC: black screen and nothing!
  3. added an M.2 SSD and install W10 from the MediaTool: well, guess what, after the initial setup, black screen and NOTHING!!!

So, I’m sorry, but IT DOESN’T WORK at ALL!!

I would appreciate that Chuwi comes back to me for

  1. a refund
  2. another working unit
  3. a coupon for another product…

Alain, I encountered the same problem like you. I also want to claim a refund.

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Oh, well, what a disaster :frowning:
Chuwi, wake up!!
I’ve already send a refund or exchange request via Indiegogo’s page… and adding some feedback on Twitter/Instagram…

Well, after a few hours searching the Internet and spending a lot of time booting on a Installation/Recovery USB dongle, I was able to re-format my SSD and re-install a clean version of Windows on LarkBox.

  • fact #1 : the newly installed SSD is on C: and the internal eMMC moved to D:… Well…
  • fact #2: after booting to the new Windows, setting up everything … and finally seeing the desktop, the LarkBox was really hot, despite the fan …
  • fact #3: after less than 5 minutes, the screen went suddenly black… and nothing more. Forced to switch off the LarkBox.
  • fact #4 : I waited about 1 or 2 hours to let the device cool down (me included…)
  • fact #5 : with the box totally cool, I pressed the Power button again.
  • fact #6 : guess what? the LarkBox DID NOT boot again!!
    -No boot to the 2nd Windows!
    -No way to get into the F8 screen !

Seriously, I’m already fed up…

You are dam lucky. Please go for refund only if they give a new piece sooner or later something will go wrong. Most common complaints are black screen after updating windows or any other software, corrupted BIOS, keyboard not working etc.

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Hey @Kishor, thanks for your reply. This is somehow a good news (jk) as it appears I’m not the only one dealing with problems!
So far, my knowledge is:

  1. yes , there’s something wrong with Windows 2004 updates, probably the video drivers part of…
  2. the first time I install Windows on my SSD, I did the update through Intel Driver Assistant… and screen went black , unavailable. DON’T INSTALL Intel Drivers Assistant !
  3. from a fresh install on SSD, lots of unknown entries in Devices Manager : ‘Update driver’ all of them by searching the drivers in the old/other Windows on eMMC (in Windows/System32)
  4. looking at my original eMMC, I can see a folder windows.old… so there was an update on my delivered item. Was it clean or not? That could explain the fact that my device doesn’t boot from eMMC on initial powering
  5. don’t forget to go into BIOS and set Thermal settings/ Fan enabled!!

Yesterday,my LarkBox was running :grin:
But there was a KB update pending :frowning:
What will happen on next reboot ??

Talking about refund, a Chuwi CM on Twitter (or Instagram ?) advised me to send an email to, what I did.
Got 2 emails back within a day:

Seriously Chuwi? This is not how you should treat your loyal customers.

I also had boot problem with my Larkbox. It couldn’t get passed the BIOS screen whatever I did.
I tried unplugging the power adapter, waiting a few seconds and plugging it again and magicly everything worked smoothly. Not sure if this will solve your problem but it’s worth a try!

Yes, that trick was helpful at the moment. I think that LarkBox was in a deep sleep state, trying to (blindly) shut it down with the Power button…
Everything’s fine so far…

I ran into the same issue with my new box. I set it up as a Plex serder and it kept stopping video (showing black screen through remote connection).

Only way around it is to hard shutdown by either unplugging it (mentioned above) or holding the power button (which I have been doing). What’s weird is that Plex is still working, so I know that the box is still on and just having trouble with video output. At first I thought it went to sleep, but I turned that off (just screen off at 10 minutes, sleep to “never”) and it still does it.

At this point I guess I can just roll back updates and see if any of them fix these issues. You’d think they’d do more basic compat testing with this stuff (keeping a box on-hand to update regularly).

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Totally agreed : device seems to be still running,although you can’t see anything : keyboard’s let still on, USB still powered… Not freezed or BSOD.

Hello Alain, I advise you to be reimbursed and to move away from this brand.
I bought my chewi HROBOOK computer 4 months ago which worked one day, since that time chuwi does not even answer me and I have not been reimbursed,

Oh no,you cannot be so negative. Of course s**t can happen, but I’ve bought several Android tablets from them (vi10, hi10,surbook) and laptops (lapbook, lapbookSE) and had no problems. Chuwi is one of the few Chinese brands still active on this market, but they are probably too few to handle their ambition, thus the lack of communication and feedback (same for Beelink or Teclast or Alldocube). I understand your frustration, but they will Côme back to you after all these releases/new products (hopefully)

yes, just see the cases on this forum and the number of devices returned to amazone and certain stores in paris.
I bought this laptop to work but for months I have been waiting for chuwi to restructure and develop its after sales service.
it’s a bad brand and so much the better if your devices are working well.
Good luck Alain

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Did you try ?


I expect CHUWI LarkBox, the world’s smallest 4K mini PC, but with a pre-installed SSD, where the OS will be located.
Are there already receivers of this version where the startup was without problems?
Does anyone have experience when Ubuntu is used here?

Not me. I bought the SSD by myself and install Windows myself.

Thanks for the message.
I’m curious to know when my Mini PC will arrive and how I will be doing then.

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today my LarkBox arrived,
but the SSD variant.
WIN10 version 1909 (Build 18363.836) is installed.
The device started without problems.
I am surprised.

Greeting Ralph

Lucky you are :slight_smile:
Problems arising with Windows 2004 update?