Had LARKBOX mini PC for 7 days and nothing works

I have attached keyboard and mouse and power getting just the blue power light. I have connected two working Monitors (Flatron W2261VP) and got a messgae about HDMi connected but couldn’t get any further. I have tried connecting it ti a modern Smart TV and checked all of he many HDMi connections and again nothing is registering just keeps stating “nothing connected”. I am beginning to think that I have been scammed as internet checks are returning loads of users with very similar issues. I have tried contacting CHUWI via the Indiegogo pages FOUR TIMES now and not even an acknowledgement, never mind any helpful suggestions. I have asked for a return of my money as it is definitely not fit for purpose. You are being contacted to give them one last chance before I get my credit card people involved. Hopefully your expertise can enable a satisfactory solution.

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