LarkBox dead after 1 week

Hello, I bought 2 LarkBox on the Indiegogo and after receiving them, I set up one and left the second one as a backup.
The unit worked perfectly for a couple days. Then I turned off and a few days later when I tried to turn it on it is dead. The blue led does not turn on and there is absolutely no noise from the unit or signal on the HDMI cable.
I switched the unit for my backup one and the backup is working fine with the same power supply and monitor.
I also tried connecting the dead unit to the other power supply but it is showing the same issue: dead.

How can I switch to a new working unit?
I sent an email to the Chuwi support but no response.


Hello DWIDMAN, do not try to contact CHUWI after sales service because they do not have.
the best is to return the product to the seller and ask for an immediate refund, if not you will suffer like us here on this forum.
Chuwi is a new brand in testing which is not sure!

Jamjam, I believe you didn’t understand my post. I bought the LarkBox directly form Chuwi, on their indigo campain. So the seller is Chuwi. I am waiting from Chuwi response but they are not responding any of the emails.

Hello Dwidman, When it comes to hardware failure Chuwi does not respond, this is what happened to me also to other customers.
But I hope your problem will be resolved as soon as possible.
good luck

Mine is dead as well…

mine died today, it was working fine for months, and today just died and dont turn on, powersuply is working fine, just larkbox is dead, i guess we are fucked with chuwi repair or waranty :confused: