Problem with HDMI connection in Larkbox

Hi. I have purchased a CHUWI LarkBox.
I’m trying to connect HDMI to TV but any TVs in my home doesn’t recognize LarkBox that shows no signal.
I could successfully connect with my Mac. So I think TV is not the problem.

Is there any tips for fixing the problem? I would appreciate your help.


No support from CHUWI?

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I have the same problem! Chuwi how can we solve?

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I have the same problem too!!!


Same Problem. Chuwi pls help!

I have the same problem with chuwi larkbox, cannot connect to any TV hdmi in.
please help

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Brand new Larkbox pro works fine on the monitor but not on Samsung TV. Roku and Laptop work on TV fine. Can we get an answer from Chuwi??

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Same problem here: fine on monito but no signal on TV. Does anybody know how to get support from Chuwi?

No support from Chuwi at all. Defect products.

Similar issue.
The larkbox Pro works fine on a PC LCD, also works fine if I directly connect it to my 4K TV (Hisense 55H9F). However, running it through my receiver (Sony STR-DH590) it will not passthrough. I’ve tried new HDMI HDCP 2.3 cables and others. I’ve set the receivers FMT settings back and forth. Nothing. So it’s an incompatibility with chuwi/sony.
I can plug in an old crappy laptop and the passthrough works just fine. So for CHUWI, I will have to return as it’s not going to work as my HTPC.

I am experiencing the same connection issues what is the fix CHUWI

Bumping it up as I’m experiencing same problem…

Bump! The same problem! Where is CHUWI officials?