Chuwi Customer Service - An Experience to Forget

@Leky017 Your laptop will be finished and sent next week .Maintenance team was this week in HK and they speed things up. I will keep you informed when i know exactly which day is sent and the tracking number,


It’s been a week. Has my computer been repaired and ready to sent it back yet?

Thank you.


i just confirmed, my colleague have it ready, Will be sent out next week. Because today is saturday.When i have the tracking will give you.

@Leky017 you computer has been sent. I send you a PM.


My item was registered in shipping system 3 days ago. But until now, it still has not been shipped. Is there something wrong?


There is nothing wrong. Carriers normally give us the tracking number but is not until 3 or 4 days in which they update. Because they need to collect from our office, take it to the port and so…Dont worry.

Dear @ChuwiSpainSupport ,

I have already received my item. Thank you very much for your help.

However, I would like to complain about the after-sale service. The time period for repairing is very very long. The warrantee period of my item was left for 4-5 months. It is not reasonable. I love your product but I think I must think too much if I need to buy your new products again in the future.

Im glad that finally it arrived. I really apologize. We changed to a new after sales repair service on November because the one before could not give us service anymore,and this one in Germany, we are pushing them to do things as they should. If they dont improve im sure we will change to a new one.Is not we do not care. We do.


This is the same for me. My CoreBox 4th is still in repair center since december 2023… And during the time new products are created, technology continues to grow, my CoreBox 4th will be outdated and obsolete. Chuwi could find good market in Europe by improving their aftersale and communication.
The only new I have is from @ChuwiSpainSupport and this is not her job to do that.