The Chuwi service is literally THE WORST, they request some kind of information, i give them everything they asked for and in the next mail they will ask me to send photos or videos of my problem. I did it like 5 times Chuwi, just read the f*cking mail conversation. Now they have stopped answering me, no response in 9 days. HOW DO I GET MY WARRANTY REPAIR??? I spent money on one of your products, I expect the service I was promised on you website!
Does anyone know if I can apply legal actions to get my money back? Or a free repair? My laptop’s batterie won’t charge. And it’s totally their fault.

Can you provide more details about the laptop? Which one did you buy and what issues does it have? The product warranty period is one year. If you can’t actually fix the problem. You can send it back for the free fix.

I ordered a Gemibook pro, the battery doesn’t charge. The Chuwi-service asked me about my problems and sent me a software update, which didn’t solve the problem. I asked them were I was supposed to send the laptop, no response. Could you please help me? The laptop does work with the power chord attached and I am quite happy with the overall quality. It’s just the battery which makes it unusable in school.

We are very sorry that this has happened. The battery could not be charged because of a damaged battery, or a faulty adapter. You can also try the following steps.

  1. Open the control panel, change the view mode to a small icon, and then click the power option.
  2. Click to Change Plan Settings.
  3. Then click “Change Advanced Power Settings” at the bottom.
  4. Check whether the charging function is disabled.
  5. In the battery options, select the maximum battery life or the best battery life. The best battery life is that when the battery is charged to 60%, it does not charge when the external power supply is connected.
    6, the battery has the number of charging and service life, more than the number of service life and charging of the battery, of course, there will be a link and can not charge the situation. Sometimes the charging port of the computer may become loose, which makes it impossible to connect the battery port.

Thank you for trying to help me, the 6 steps didn’t really change anything. I changed the power settings to power saving mode, but I didn’t find any information on the charger. I also reinstalled the drivers (battery and charger) multiple times. I would be very pleased if you could help me send this laptop back to you, so the Chuwi-service can have a look at it.

Additional information:
-the battery came with 50% charge (and the laptop worked without the charger until it ran to 0%)
-the charging light turns red when plugged in
-I don’t know if the battery gets recognized, it doesn’t have a serial number or anything else (I did a windows battery report)
-I live in Germany

Thanks for responding quickly, with the mail service I had to wait around a week each time.

Make sure the input line is not broken and the charger is not broken, remove the laptop battery, plug in the power to start the laptop. If you can start it, then is the battery charging module broken. If you can not start the laptop, then is the power module is broken, will be sent to repair. But you need to wait for the reply from service@chuwi.com.

But if I open the laptop, will my warranty still exist?

I have same problem, but not about warranty. I placed an order for a mini pc on February 1st. So far, no information. Support is not responding. What to do ?