Lapbook plus does not charge completely. Stays at 90%

Hello Chuwi,

I just received my Lapbook plus yesterday and I’ve noticed that it doesn’t charge past 90% . The led besides the connector stays red all the time and the battery status doesn’t go above 90%.

Also, without installing anything in the lapbook, no applications open in windows. Once I disconnect the charger from the lapbook, windows estimates the battery duration to 3 hours 40 minutes, which is way bellow the advertised 9 hours battery life.

Please let me know how to proceed or I will return the device.

Thank you

First of all do a factory restoration.
Start, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC.
Do not interrupt the process, put the charger and let it finish. When it stops, check if the bugs that have been corrected
you explain

I did a factory reset, chose to erase all data, wait it to finish, still same problem, battery doesn’t charge to 100%, the led besides the power plug stays red all the time, even leaving the computer plugged in for more than 8h after I’ve restored windows and still charges only to 90%.

After I did let the battery discharge completely and tried charging it again. Still I have the same problem.

I did notice that after resetting the PC that a directory containing test tools for quality control is not present at the computer anymore.

Let me know what else I could try

I think you have done everything in your hand and you must report the case to

Just for information, so anyone browsing the forum or landing here from the internet.

After 8d, Chuwi still did not provide me any support. I’ve tried contacting aftersales and never got a reply. Tried to contact them via aliexpress which they told me to send an email to a different address, never got a reply, except that they can’t find it (come on, it is 2019!!).

So in my opinion, stay away from this brand as they have no aftersales. If you get a defective product, sucks to be you.

I’m sorry about your experience. Please tell me your email address and I will ask the relevant department for you.

I have same issue with the battery. Received my lapbook a week ago and battery does not charge above 91%.
I have sent couple emails to and never received a reply.
Opened a dispute on Aliexpress and no one belives me that there is a battery issue.
As it seems we are not the only ones…

I have written down your email address, you can delete it.Follow-up after-sales service will take the initiative to contact you.

I did reply to the email, lets see if it is possible to fix it via firmware/software updates.
Also, just one note … the email I did receive is not just as others have been pointing so far … maybe this was the reason why other people tried contacting and never received an answer?

both emails are active


so which email address should we use then?



I have sent couple emails to since last week. Not a single reply so far…

Really?ok please send me your email address.


I did get a reply, but it does not help…

Just for information for @Management, I did reply to the email i’ve got from aftersale service on the same day (22/Oct), with the requested picures of the issue, screenshot of the purchase, all data requested in the document filled … remember I first reported this issue on 11/Oct.

Still we are on the 25/Oct and not even a reply, no feedback to attempt to provide an software/firmware, no feedback. Feels like, as others described, an attempt to just make the customer give up and expect nice reviews about your brand.

@Management you need to understand that we are the year 2019 and customer support is very important.

You cannot expect that people will buy your product and never ask for assistance. Unless, your product is build like a tank, which is not the case with your products.

You have great ideas and your offering is for a reasonable price, however, you need to hire some customer support representatives and build a database with all type of drivers and other data needed to assist your customers.

This will make your company even greater, if you understand what I’m saying here.

My issue is getting more ridiculous at the moment that it passes. Sending pictures, screenshots, etc and information as proof doesn’t seems to be enough for your “aftersales” contact, since he needs a video.

I’ve made a 12 minutes video showing the laptop being connected to a power source, showing that for a whole 10 minutes the laptop doesn’t charge further than 82% (The beginning of the video shows the laptop going from 80 to 82% in 2 minutes than 10 minutes without chardge).

I have opted for a complete refund of the product, which I’ve purchased from EU WAREHOUSE (located in Spain) and now I’m asked to return the product to CHINA !! … I’ve chosen EU WAREHOUSE for the sole purpose of not having to deal with custom and expensive logistics companies. In germany, the only company that does shipments to China for a private person is DHL, which is going to charge me close to 50 EUROS (so ~20% or the product value plus customs) for sending the laptop with a tracking number. This is insane. I would like to send it back to where I purchased it (Spain).

Just for other information, I really regret chosing this brand, I work in an IT department and the Chuwi aftersales is more concerned into blaming the customer than finding a fix for the problem, even when the issue is clearly documented.

Can you please advise?

Just an update (and a lesson learned), for others that still consider buying gear from Chuwi:

I just received an message through aliexpress from Chuwi:
“We had been trying to solve the issue, and now there is result for the dispute, please do as it shows”.

I’m sorry Chuwi, but I’ve left to open a dispute on the very last couple of hours remaining that were still in my right to return the laptop and get a refund, if I would have waited half day longer, I would have to be stuck with a very expensive paperweight because I really doubt you would do anything to fix a defective battery, as you spend most of the 15 day limit either not answering any communication or trying to blame me for the error (how can it be a customer error to plug the charger and not get a full battery after a day?!?!).

So lesson to others: If your product is faulty, seems Chuwi will do all it can to exceed your limit to return the product and get a refund, so they can offer any crap solution and you will have to stick with it, simply because you have no further options. Also before considering the “cheap prices” and “sales” of Chuwi, take into consideration to look at your local post how much it costs to ship the device back to China with tracking code, because it is not covered.

I work as system administrator and most of my days I need a computer to connect to SSH and Remote desktop to other machines where the work is done, so a cheap laptop with a promised 9h runtime battery with good display and decent keyboard would do the job instead of carrying around 1.5K laptops. If the company didn’t provided me such as awful experience, my colleagues might have bought further devices, as I would have recommended to other light users.

Instead what did I’ve got from trying to give Chuwi products a chance? 20 days of annoying messages exchange with “aftersales”, having to ship back the product to a different place where I’ve bought it from and a 45 euro bill to be paid on my own to send it back with a tracking code otherwise I won’t get my refund.

Honestly, I will have better chances in getting a used thinkpad from ebay than buying a new product from Chuwi.

Of course, you should never keep a defective product as much as you can try to instruct it to correct it. Hardware failures do not have easy remote solution.
On the other hand, I regret that I had a bad experience with Chuwi products, I can only say that my experience since October 2015 when I bought my first Chuwi (Vi10 Pro that still works perfectly with more than 6 hours of battery and dual operating system ) who have been followed by a Hi10 Pro, a 12.3 "LapBook, a SurBook, a Hi9 Pro, a Hi9 Plus and the AeroBook, from which I am writing and that everyone enjoys my family and I, with a totally satisfactory experience.