Chuwiminibook charging problem

I have an issue with Chuwiminibook(m3-8100Y minibook version) battery where it is only charging to like 20 percent and then stops, but sometimes immediately shows 100 percent but dies immediately after unplugging. I downloaded a battery monitoring tool to try figure out what was going on and if you unplug the charger and immediately plug it back in it charges the battery for maybe a minute max then just stops.

I have read quite a few posts in here about this but to be honest i am far from a computer wiz. When people mention do this and update this with aload of acryonyms I am a bit lost to be honest.

Does anyone have a dummies guide for how to deal with this battery charging problem?whether its bios update or something else just a simple guide for how to fix this would be great for everyone. I have managed to completly flatten the battery and charge it switched off but the error just comes back again within 10 minutes.

Again im not a computer expert so a beginngers guide for fixing this would be great

The laptop itself is great I really like it but I can only use it plugged in.

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I think you need a new battery. You can buy replacement batteries on

Just to give an update here I got the battery from aliexpress and it seems to have fixed the problem, so for anyone wondering about this issue the battery replcement is the way to go!. Be careful when replacing the battery there is a very delicate wire over the top of the battery that you should be careful with.

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The issue seems to be with the battery itself. Here are some easy steps:

Try calibrating the battery: Completely drain it, then charge it while off until full.
If that fails, contact Chuwi support for a replacement battery. These steps should fix the problem without needing complex troubleshooting.

@warnersmith Are you absolutely sure that’s the right approach, for the Chuwi Minibook specifically? Because while I’ve seen that suggestion show up elsewhere and it’s useful in general, everything I’ve read elsewhere on these forums, and my own (limited) experience with the Minibook specifically is that, apparently due to a design oversight, it can’t charge the battery at all unless it’s turned on… Which means, if the user drains the battery completely as you suggest, they’ll be unable to turn it back on (because they have no charge), and unable to recharge it (because they can’t turn it on).

As such, as far as I know, your advice will functionally brick the Minibook… Unless the user has some external way to charge it outside of the laptop (and no-one seems to be able to point to a compatible external charger), or a spare, charged battery to hook up (still leaving the flat battery functionally useless).

(Throwing this out here because, while it probably doesn’t matter for the OPs post from 3 years ago, it may well be important for anyone stumbling across this thread in the future…)