I Give Up. I Simply Give Up

Here’s the story.
My Chuwi UBook Pro had the battery swell and pop out the screen. I needed to replace the battery. In the middle of December I took the screen off and got the battery out, but accidentally damaged the LCD flex cable. My Ubook Pro is beyond the 1 year warranty but is practically brand new, so I sent an email along with photos to service@chuwi.com. I got a reply back that the parts would cost $36.00, but I got no information on how to order and pay for the parts. I sent SEVERAL emails replying to service that I need to know what to do to order and pay for the parts. I got no reply. I came to forum asking the same question and all I get is send an email to service@chuwi.com which I have already sent 10 or 12 emails and also sent emails to aftersale@chuwi.com and I still haven’t gotten an answer regarding how to order and pay for the parts. Its been over 30 days and no reply.

Service on the forum asked me if my problem was resolved and if not to send them my email so chuwi could get back to me. I supplied my email, and to this date, neither forum service nor chuwi has replied with the information on how to order the parts.

I have sent SEVERAL emails to service@chuwi.com and they simply DO NOT REPLY.
I give up.