I need repair because it broke in same day it arrived

I bought ubook from banggood.
And it stopped working same day I opened.

As I checked problem with this forum n web.
They recommend to find repair shop,
Service team of Chuwi told me it should be wire problem or memory is broken.

but I cudnt find suitable one around me.
So I asked to repair at Chuwi.

Then they told me to sent Russia or Spain.
So I sent required documents,
After they reply me to wait and sent to Hong Kong, cuz they only accept repair from within euro .
So I asked detail of shipping,

Next they told me , that I can’t sent it cuz problem with company n government.

I ve been contacting Chuwi with this problem for 3months.

And I also bought the pen and keyboard. But as main tablet doesn’t work, it’s been sitting there doin nothing.

So I asked if they can’t repair, if I cud get same product in discount price.

And this was a reply

Can you believe?
I can’t ,

Please some one can help

Please provide your E-mail address and I will get to know the relevant department about this matter.

Thank u for quick action.

My email address is

N the forum that I made to check and sort the problem is

Thank you

Hello, I have checked the situation. The maintenance station in Hong Kong is not open yet.Based on your situation, you can choose to carry out maintenance in your country. If the negotiation with the customer service of Banggood Chuwi shop is successful and the price is reasonable, we will reimburse the expenses for you.

Thank u for consideration, n explanation.
But in where I live, it is very difficult to find cheap repair shop. In quotation they charge Me more than 50usd just for open the tablet n check what’s wrong. And negotiations only went half successful with Banggood ,refunding of half price due to situation that I can’t sent it back to China cuz of COVID-19. And after ur reply service team text me to wait patiently.