Ubook xpro change ram

Hi i got bluescreen on my ubook and when i try memtest86 i got a lot of error.
How can i replace the ram?

I buy it on chuwi store 14/09/2023
Sn: ZUbkXPCW1H230602467

This computer RAM is on board that means it can only be done if you send the computer to the Repair center
May i know where are you from? to see if we have a repair center near you?

Thanks for reply i live in belgium.

Then it can be sent to Germany for repair. But i will ask first if in Germany they can do this, or it must be sent to Hong Hong,i will inform you on Monday

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@Lio8896 Hello, Germany center cannot repair onboard memories, so would you want to send to Hong Kong?
Maybe you could take it to a local store and see if its really that, or it could be another thing that has an easy fix?

The support answer me and they told me that i could send it to germany?

Well yes, first it goes to Germany, and then to Hong Kong. I did not explain myself clear. My colleague will send you the adress by email and procedure.

Hi ChuwiSpainSupport
It s been more than a month now that i send my ubook. Could you give me some information about my computer?


I am asking :slight_smile:

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@ChuwiSpainSupport do you have some news? Because support still don t answer me

I told my colleague to answer you with some news. I am sorry for the delay