UBook 11.6 Screen Issues

I purchased UBook 11.6 and after just 20days after I received the item, I noticed the screen is flickering and a noticeable rectangular thick lines appear on the screen and the inside this rectangular line, the resolution is grainy and a little washed out. Please help on this. I already contacted Bangood on this matter and I am waiting for their response regarding my issue.

Have you got any solution?

I got reply from Chuwi After-Sales telling me that its normal. But I told them that it is not because my other unit is not showing the same issue. I have actually 3 units from Chuwi, one is Hibook, Ubook Pro and UBook, but only this last purchase of UBook is showing this kind of problem. I had coordinated with Banggood but it is taking much time for them to reply to my email. Until now I am still asking them for return procedure and it is almost 12 days now since I contacted them. Very frustrating.

I am also facing the same issue.


Sad to hear about it. We are facing the same issue. My unit was just 20 days old. There seems to be a problem with this model. I did not face this issue with UBook Pro. No one is giving us solution from Chuwi with regards to this problem, they just tell me to return to item. It seems that many users experience this type of issue, I think.

I also purchase this type Ubook 11.6inch, received it in February 2020.
It has been work fine until this evening when I realize the screen gone blur and lines, this happened for the first time and it took about 10mins before I restart the machine.
After restart it it took some time before it cleared.