Screen with white lines, blurred and hazy

I got my ubookpro last Dec22. I loved it! However last weekend the screen suddenly appeared to have white lines, hazy and blurred. did anyone experience this?
I asked Chuwi official store chat services at lazada and they advised me to send the item to their Hong Kong service center at my own expense.

I am very disappointed now.

What shall I do?

Try to reinstall intel graphic driver

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Is it software issue not hardware?..please see image below…what do you think?

Looks like hardware. :disappointed_relieved:

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So I really need to send the unit to their service center in Hong Kong. I’m from the Philippines.

Yes, it’s better to send the tablet to the service. :pensive:

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Ok will do it.
Thanks again friend.:+1:

which ubook pro do you have? n4100 or m3?

Hi Beep. My ubook is n100.

Oof… I have two n4100, you are scaring me… Hope i dont get the same issue :frowning:

And btw, it looks like a bad connection on the cable of the screen rather than the GPU. I used to repair monitors, and had a few with bad connection on the LVDS signal cable, that goes from the main board to the screen, and if i moved it around would do stuff like that and show hazy image or lines on the screen. Usually if its the gpu bad, either you see artifacts on the screen, or stops working suddenly or doesn’t show any image at all…

If it is a lose cable, you might be able to repair it yourself if you are brave. You would have to open the Ubook and check the LCD cable. Someone else actually opened the UBook to check on the SSD drive and the posting is here. It has a good picture of the components. It does show the LCD cable and its connection.

Maybe you can ask them how to open the case. Maybe even make a nice video for the rest of us as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, I am not sure if opening the case will void the warranty. Otherwise, you will have to send back to Chuwi for repair.

This is LCD FFC, it is covered with really strong glue, it’s can’t just fell off or lost connection.
For me this problem looks like broken screen or decoder.

Yeah maybe better to send back for authorized repair

I like to tinker on things but maybe not for this one since I might damaged more and void the warranty.

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Maybe @Management can give us some advices here.

Я его уже открыл, поставил более ёмкий ssd m.2 и опять закрыл. К сожалению видео не снял. А опять открывать не хочется. Но есть фото.

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Thanks for the photos!

How difficult was it to open the case?

It is not difficult to open Ubook. Short instructions: 1.First, we Unscrew 5 screws from the back of the tablet (they are only in the lower part of the case). 2. Heave in the area of contact of the keyboard housing plastic card, I did it with a fingernail. Here, pay special attention to the fact that you do not tear off the keyboard contact, you need to pull the case on yourself. 3. Start gradually separating the back cover housing to the left and right. You will hear the characteristic clicks of the latch locks. So around the perimeter. All. A little caution and courage.

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What make and model of SSD m.2 did you use? Did you notice any increase in performance?