Ubook X N4120, weird lines on screen

Hi, I was using my Ubook X and I just turned it on and during the loading screen I noticed that there was a weird pattern on the screen. It’s really hard to get an image of it because it’s more noticeable on a black screen and the camera doesn’t do a good job of picking it up but it’s more noticeable in person.

can you make a video? i think would be better ??

Here you go

thank you will ask tech

they told me the screen need to be replaced :frowning:
And i need to ask if by chance we have some screens in stock.
In order to see if warranty or help you i need please answer me this:
When did you buy?
Where did you buy it? in which store, Aliexpress, (if possible send me the link)
Where are you from¿
Serial Number of the ubook

Sure thing, i bought thr UBook (Serial Number UbookXQ256G21052484) on Feb 25, 2024 for the ebay store, Order number 03-11238-87672. CHUWI UBook X 12" Tablet Windows11 Home Intel N4120 8G+256GB SSD PC | eBay. And I am from Canada.

I checked and its one of our official stores. I talked to my colleague of Ebay store. You need to contact him so he can process the warranty and so.Because you bought from there. Please write him in ebay and he will answer you. i already sent him the video. So he is informed

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