Can Ubook Pro SSD and Wifi Card be changed?

Not sure if anyone managed to open up the Ubook Pro and look at the internals.

I know that the Ram has been soldered onto the motherboard. How about the SSD and also the Wifi card? Since the wifi card is Intel AC 9461 which means it only has 1 antenna, I thought that as long as it isn’t soldered in, we might be able to swap in an Intel AX201 by adding in another set of antenna?

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Thanks. Looks like even the wifi card also been soldered on. Perhaps only the SSD can be swapped.

Good to know! Although it might not even be worth the hassle replacing the SSD, since it’s being controlled as a SATAII-drive. Most PCIe SSD’s nowadays are NVME-drives so they wouldn’t even work as SATAIII (600MB/s), and the SATAII-bus (300 MB/s) is really slow compared to what modern SSD’s can do. Even the Netac-model in the Ubook Pro is capable of much higher speeds than what it’s able to achieve in this setup.

But still, if you can find a cheap SATA PCIe-SSD that has 1TB of storage, it might be worth it just for the storage space alone :slight_smile:

M2 Sata based SSD still quite commonly available, Crucial MX500 and Samsung 860 Evo, both model have 1Tb available. UBook Pro motherboard not even SATAIII? I thought SATAIII already the normal standard many years back and intel N4100 did support SATAIII too.

Yep, it should support it. But for some reason Chuwi went with a SATAII-controller on the board, or at least “SATA II-wiring” if that’s even a thing. No idea why, it can’t make that much of a price difference. It’s also the reason why the SSD in the Ubook Pro tops out at +/- 250MB/s, instead of the 450-500MB/s range it’s specced at.

How do you open the tablet?

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Is there a total of 5 screws? I can only see 2 behind the area where the hinge got lifted up.

Probably this is misprint.

Will the UBook Pro even take a NVMe PCIe SSD? I have a spare 512GB SSD of this type. Can I use it in the UBook Pro? I am not concerned about the speed as much as increasing the available space. Before I attempt to open the UBook Pro, I wanted to check if this SSD would be recognized and work properly.

Can u make a pic please where the screws are?
I also can only find 2 screws.

thanks in advance mate.

It only has 2 screws under the “kickstand”.

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