Ubook X Pro 2022 Catastrophic SSD Failure

So, my 2022 Chuwi X Pro 2in1 Tablet broke down without any apparent reason, no unsuitable handling or anything prior to its failure.

The first few restarts after the breakdown resulted in a WATCHDOG BSOD.

After that, the internal SSD was/is no longer recognized. Neither Windows 11 installation environment nor various third party Linux rescue systems recognize the SSD anymore. (These environments run smoothly, however, no other hardware breakdowns, apparently)

Any idea how to open the X Pro Tablet and replace the SSD or how to get Chuwi to send me a replacement? Although there are not many personal files on that drive - a few of them I don’t want in the hands of third parties.

Create a live Linux USB stick and see if the Ubook X still works so far. If so, the SSS is most likely defective.

But this can be fixed quickly. Just buy a Western Digital WD Green SATA SSD 240GB for under 30€. 500GB start at about 40€.

You only have to look for M.2 SATA, not M.2 PCIe NVMe!

You can change the SSD yourself. How you can open the UBook X, I have already shown here in the forum.

After replacing the SSD, you should be able to install Windows again.

Edit: I just saw that you seem to have the UBook XPro. You’d better take a look at the old SSD beforehand. If you google the type designation, you’ll find out whether you need a PCIe or SATA SSD. If you have a normal UBook X, then it is an M.2 SATA in any case.