Hola, compre un ubook x sin sistema operativo y al momento de instalar windows 10 por usb no me detecta el ssd, que puedo hacer ?

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Comprueba si lo detecta la Bios, pero ésto no tiene buena pinta.
O esta desconectado el SSD, o lo han quitado, por lo que toca abrir y ver qué hay dentro.

El equipo esta nuevo, en que parte de la BIOS puedo revisar el ssd?, por lo que leí de este modelo el ssd viene integrado a la placa madre, hay alguna guía de instalación de Windows para este modelo de CHUWI?

With the UBook X, the SSD is not integrated on the mainboard, but rather inserted into an M2 slot. It is an M.2 2280 • M.2 / B-M-Key (SATA 6Gb / s) - SSD. Chuwi usually uses a Morebeck-S100 256 GB SSD. Well, it’s an inexpensive entry level SDD.

If you bought the Ubook X on Amazon / Ebay, you should complain about it there. If you have imported it yourself, the complaint is an adventure. Then you should consider exploring the problem yourself.

If the SSD is not found in the BIOS and the Sata ports are all activated, there are several options.

  • SSD no longer has proper contact due to the transport in the M.2 slot
  • The SSD is defective
  • The M.2 slot is defective (but unlikely)

You can open the UBook X quite easily. Unscrew the two screws on the back (under the stand bracket), remove any microSD card and pull out all USB and power plugs. Then use your fingernail, opening tool or credit card to enter the gap between the display and the frame and widen it carefully. So then go around the whole display.

It works similarly to the Hi13 video. Only that the screws are on the back and no cable is attached to the lid. So they can’t accidentally tear off anything.

Then the back cover is off and you come to the SSD. This is fastened with a screw. Loosen screw, take out SSD. If you have another device to test, you should test the SSD there. Otherwise, insert the SSD again correctly and screw it tight.

It looks like this inside.

The image is here from the forum and from the UBook Pro. The Ubook X looks basically the same, only that the SSD is rotated by 90 degrees and is directly in the M.2 slot on the mainboard.

If the SSD is not found after this, it is probably defective. You could then buy a new SSD (e.g. the Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB, M.2, Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB, M.2). Basically all M.2 SATA SSDs run with M.2 / B-M-Key in format 2280.

Here in the forum I have already seen the original Win10 recovery image. This allows you to reinstall the original Win10 installation.

Personally, I immediately took an original Win10 version from Microsoft. However, it will not be easy with the drivers. I had to search a long time to get all of the drivers together. But it can be done. My fresh Win10 installation now has all the drivers together.

But as I said, this is only a viable option if you are ready to “tinker”. If you have the opportunity to complain, you should first take this option.


Hola MarMai , Procedí a desarmar el Ubook X siguiendo los pasos del video que enviaste, al abrir el Ubook X me encontré con la sorpresa que el M.2 estaba desconectado, lo volví a conectar y me lo reconoció sin problemas, ya instale Windows 10 y quedo operativa.
Muchas Gracias por tu ayuda. :v: :grin:

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Justo lo que te dije, SSD desconectado.

Me alegro que hayas podido solucionar.

Not able to boot directly from USB after I select f7 and select Pendrive boot option its simply shows black no movement, tried Rufus and many more, I need to format full SSD and make a new partition

booting from the USB stick works with the UbookX. The stick must either be UEFI-boot capable, or the legacy boot mode must be activated in the BIOS.

Please use a bootable USB stick created from the Microsoft website with the media creation tool.

When legacy mode enabled no drive is shown in boot menu ssd also not available,
Does anyone have original win10 recovery file for ubook x,

Need original win10 recovery file for ubook x, i think it contains all driver’s,… So please help me out here

Not working same black screen

Write to

It worked installed win10 home did ssd partition also, sill keyboard is not working, auto rotate is not working,…

Good afternoon, I have a chuwi Ubook and I am unable to find the screws to start disassembling. Any suggestion? Or does everything separate from the screen?
There are gaps but I don’t have a screwdriver there.

You need the drivers for non-Intel devices, write to

They are not replying I emailed 2 days back

Hi, I have a problem with my chuwi ubook x 12" laptop. How do I access boot mode or boot menu via keyboard???..please help me

Marmai, have you screen drivers of Ubook X? Cause inotice refresh rate is only 50 Hz and i want to experiment some ideas to raise it.

Thanks in advance

Hi finitol,

I have had the best experience with the drivers direct from Intel. But please do not take the general driver from the Intel site. OEM adjustments for image, rotation and touch are included in the graphics driver. These are not included in the normal standard driver. However, Intel has the “Intel® Driver & Support Assistant”.

This examines the system and installs the drivers with the appropriate OEM adaptations. You can find it under:

Simply install all the drivers that it then offers you. Then everything works on the Ubook X.
The graphics driver is currently available for the UbookX. The update rate is fixed at 60p with this. That is also the right one.