SSD upgrade on Ubook XPro?

I am very happy with my XPro. Neat, stylish and quite powerful.
I read somewhere that SSD on the Ubook XPro is extendable to 1TB, and I have a 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD spare.
There are 2 small screws on the back side at the bottom which is a good sign that the case can be opened. Has anyone tried this? Thanks

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Hello JulianM

Check this post.

Ubook xPro 13 replace SSD - Windows Tablets / UBook X - CHUWI | Official Forum

There is the only youtube video I have found so far of someone showing step by step how to open the tablet to upgrade.


Hi Coyotefert,
Many thanks for this link. It clearly looks like it is possible, but I am not sure I shall try cracking it open quite yet on my nice new tablet.
Kind regards,

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I don’t know about NVMe however i did install a M.2 SATA ssd 1,8TB after formating and it works.