Ubook xPro 13 replace SSD

I am trying to find the way to change the SSD to 1tb but there is no manual.

Tried sending email to Company but only received msg that can be done but not detailing how.

so if anyone has knowledge, will help.


Hello, got the same idea, willing to upgrade the SSD but couldn’t get any answers from Chuwi.

Go on uTube and type in how to install an NVMe SSD in a laptop DIY Episode 113. Also type in videos of What Does a SSD Do in a laptop. these links may help you I hope.

Hi. tks for info. I need disassembly of the laptop not how to change the ssd.


I have the UBook pro tablet which I presume is the same as yours. With total respect to you I would like to say this. The UBook pro tablet has on this forum had many complaints regarding the overheating and expansion of the battery due to heavy use. This issue caused the battery to expand inside and damage the device considerably. Chuwi produces low priced items that fit the budget specifications but to try and upgrade to give you the performance of a top level device I feel is not necessarily the best option. I have recommended on previous occasions that the purchase and use of a cooling pad is a must if a lot of use is required. Finally, by stripping down your device I would assume that the guarantee would be voided.