GemiBook XPro ssd storage upgrade 2024

Hey recently I purchased the GemiBook XPro over xmas and so far I’m happy with the laptop. I’m trying to upgrade the 256 ssd with 1tb ssd but for some reason the bios is not detecting it. Any ideas? do it need an bios update?.

I have checked through the bios setting and storage is set to m2 and nvme is supported and enabled. But when I go into the configuration page it show as not detected.

I recently got a mini box. It looked like an NVMe drive but its actually a SATA III drive. Check the drive that came with it and google the drive type. Its deceptive it has an m2 slot. I did not know they made SATA III M2 drives. I upgraded the 256 for a WD blue 500. The SATA II are pricey compared to NVMe

Check your 256gb drive with Crystal Disk Info. If it says SATA drive. Then you need a M.2 SATA III SSD like the link below:

Chuwi support told me this model does not support nvme protocol. That being said I had an expert check it out and he told me the opposite

M.2 slot says pcie&SATA SSD. Nvme drive use pcie signal so should be working. Also you can see from the image it’s M key port so it should detect the drive, unless Chuwi have disabled it from the bios. Anyways similar setup from Asus almost identical specs allows nvme …
Returned this item to chuwi as it’s no use to me. Can t use it for school.