Installing second SSD M.2 Sata - no work at all

Hi all,
I buyed a gemibook 13 that, out of the box, is very beautyful. I seen that is available a free slot for a second SSD.
To avoid errors I buyed exactly the same SSD showed in info page at , an HP SSD EX 900 M.2 with sata technology.
It isn’t recognized at all. Neither in BIOS (AMI version 5.13 - 3/12/2021) or in windows 10.
How can I do? Is there a setting I can do on BIOS?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

?? The EX900 is a NVMe SSD, not a SATA SSD (where did you see it listed as m.2 w/ SATA technology?). While the ads do say the GemiBook supports NVMe, noone I know (and I tested on my Pro as well) has actually had NVMe drives work on it, so needs to be a m.2 SATA drive.

Many thanks for the quick answer. I saw it on Amazon description for this drive and i was induced in error from ads on the chuwi gemibook internet site. Moreover, I see the connector in the slot and it’s m.2 NVME one. It seems SATA M2 drives has 2 holes in the connector while here (in the gemibook 13 slot) there is only one as NVME. Is there some people here who can suggest an SSD (minimum 250 GB) that works surely there?

WD Blue. NOT SN550 WD Blue. The SATA WD Blue. Samsung 850/860/870 EVO/QVO, but avoid anything 900 series (NVMe). Adata SU800. Silicon Power A55.

All those are SATA drives. I think I even have the original 500 GB SSD from my Chuwi in a protective case lying around the house still. :smiley:


I add a WD BLUE SSD M.2 2280 SATA UP to 550MB/s read 525MB/s write in my Gemibook It’s a SATA NOT NVME ! NVME has 4 times read/write speed vs Sata.

Actually, with NVMe over PCIe 4.0x4, it’s up to 14x times the speed. Even with only PCIe 3.0x4, it’s still WELL more than 4x, more like 7x for the high end drives.

But NVMe isn’t actually supported on this laptop, so it’s a mute point. Kinda like pointing out that a Xeon Gold 6338 has 8x the processors and 16x the threads of the J4125 and runs faster. True point, but since it’s not supported in the laptop, what difference does it make?

thanks all people here.
I tryed some SSD and solved with a HIKVISION E100N SSD.

For Chuwi people: giving a little support could permit expand your market a lot.