SSD not recognized


I bought an M2 SSD for my Gemibook 13’ it fit’s perfectly but not recognized all by the laptop (BIOS or Windows)

Can someone help me? Thanks


Which technology this SSD uses? M.2 slot may be either SATA or NVME. Gemibook slot is only compatible with SATA. So, if a NVME used, it will not be recognized.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

According to the product page and descriptions, Gemibook supports NVMe protocol.

And here is the SSD that I’m trying to use :–120.html

When I verified my slot, It’s an M.2 type and it fits perfectly. The SATA pin type is different and cannot even fit in.


For information:
Chuwi Gemibook Aliexpress product page
I got the second slot.


In official CHUWI website, they say option for SSD Sata expansion, not NVME. It may be missleading information on Aliexpress website because indeed it says NVME on Ali.

I’ve seen already M.2 slots that can fit both M and B board models, but only one works.

SSD that comes with Gemibook, it states being a 256gb SATA one.

You are trying to add NVME one to the second slot, right?



Yeah I’m trying to add NVME because of Aliexpress images and descriptions. It’s strange because even on BIOS you can see Nvme devices settings but no one is detected. Maybe an update can resolve this problem. It’s horrible to see a big brand like Chuwi not knowing what they sell to their customers…


Follow this link, uni-panda solved the problem:

Are you sure it will work for the Gemibook as well? The post you linked only mentions the Gemibook Pro so there could be a change in the Hardware as well as the Firmware.