Chuwi Gamibook Pro does not recognize m2 nvme ssd

hello good morning along with greeting I would like to be guided with the following problem … install a 1 tb m2 nvme ssd disk which is not recognized even in the bios … any solution ?

To help you need more information
What slot did you install it in?
How did you see that it is not defined in Windows and BIOS?
SSD model?

In my testing the GemiBook PRo doesn’t ACTUALLY support NVMe despite what it lists on the site. I tried a couple NVMe drives in both slots on mine, and it never recognized any of them.

install it in the only slot that comes with this equipment
neither windows nor the bios detects the disk
it’s a kingspec ssd nvme 2280 1tb

ooooh I understand
the information is appreciated
Thank you