Gemibook SSD upgrade

Hello dear Chuwi customer support!
Gemibook Y256G210702446. 8gb ram/256gb SSD.
Trying to upgrade the laptops original 256gb M.2 drive with a 500gb Samsung 960EVO Nvme SSD.
On forums here and there people are saying that one of the M.2 slots is NVME capable, but on my Gemibook, the Samsung NVME is not recognised by any of the two slots. The original Netac 256gb SSD works in both slots. With the Samsung installed, the laptop starts up and goes directly in BIOS, and there it does not see any No NVME Drive Connected at the bios nvme options. So the bios is for some laptops, that would work with NVMEs, but I believe the slots on this laptop are not NVME capable.
Am I right, or there is any software update, bios update available to make it work with NVME drives?

No answer since April?
Is there any support?


It seems that on Aliexpress page, it says support NVME but on CHUWI website, only SATA.